Operation COVID is a 3-phase rapid collaborative evaluation process - delivered by the Welsh Surgical Research Initiative via social media using Twitter.

We seek to gather experiences and knowledge regarding operating room practice in COVID-19.

We will use this, together with our extensive search of shared practice in the literature and online, to inform a consensus process.

Identifying early consensus on operating room practice will inform international bodies advising on best practice, and identify areas lacking consensus and requiring urgent research to influence practice.

Project timeline

The project is intended to be delivered in just 4 weeks from start to completion.

Please participate and encourage your colleagues and contacts to do so.

Phase 1 - Question seeking via the twitter community

We invite the twitter community to tell us the questions they have 'on the ground' regarding operating room practice in COVID-19.

Participate via twitter at: twitter.com/OpCOVID

Phase 2 - Question answering via twitter community

We invite the twitter community to answer the questions we have amalgamated in Phase 1.

This will complement our team's thorough search of the literature and emerging sources of online information.

Phase 3 - Delphi consensus process

Delivered as an online questionnaire. The link will be provided here on this website and via twitter.

Participation is encouraged for any individual whose work relates to the operating room or coronavirus.